Lies, Cries, and One Big Prize
Season 6, Episode 13
First aired (CAN) November 20, 2014
First aired (USA) July 18, 2014
Challenge(s) The final two select their helpers in the finale, the two, with the assistance from their helpers, ski through an ice cliff, survive being submerged in mud, and finally make it to the finish line in a 10 minute time limit. Otherwise the helpers get to split the money.
Reward(s) The $1,000,000 cash prize.
Winner(s) Sky (Romania, Croatia, Canada, Poland)
Shawn (Italy, USA)
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"Pahk'd With Talent"


The final two get helpers to assist them in the final challenge. Shawn gets Jasmine, while Sky gets Dave. The challenge is to make a bobsled and make it down an ice cliff, successfully learn to breathe while submerged in mud, and then land in a open field where no harm should become of them. While this is taking place, Shawn reveals he does not want to split the money, Jasmine is excited to see Shawn again, Dave becomes bald, and Sky is very confident in her ability. Then, Chris asks Dave and Jasmine to sit down and watch some clips from the show. Jasmine finds out Shawn never wanted to split the money with her, and he finds her plan for the money stupid. And Dave finds out that Sky had a boyfriend all along, traumatizing him, and making him turn against Sky, The two become hinderers, and it is revealed if Shawn and Sky don't make it to the finish line in 10 minutes, Dave and Jasmine get to split the money. The hinderers give the finalists a hard time, and Dave makes a huge cliff rise making it impossible for Shawn and Sky to finish. While Shawn is ok with winning, Sky throws a temper tantrum, and nearly gets herself and Shawn killed. In the end, it is either Shawn who wins, or Sky. Either way Shawn and Jasmine hook up, and Dave is left on the island to be mauled by Scuba Bear 3.0.



  • This is the finale of the season.
  • This is the second time where not all of the previously eliminated contestants return for the finale, with only Jasmine and Dave appearing.
  • In both the US and Italy, Shawn is confirmed to win.
  • This marks the third time where one or more helpers participate with the finalist.
    • This is the second time the helpers are randomly chosen.


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