Sky Fall
Season 6, Episode 11
First aired (CAN) November 6, 2014
First aired (USA) July 17, 2014
Challenge(s) The final four compete in a race to the top of a mountain, along the way they meet many obstacles, such as robo-gators, lava pits, and robo- bears. The first three to reach the top make it to the final 3, but the last one standing, gets to go kaboom!
Reward(s) A free pass to the final 3.
Winner(s) Shawn, Sky and Sugar
Eliminated Jasmine
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"Scarlett Fever"
"Pahk'd With Talent"


Shawn, Jasmine, Sugar, and Sky compete in a race to the top of a mountain. Sugar and Sky form a temporary alliance, which is quickly broken when Sugar betrays Sky in an attempt to make it to the final 3. Shawn and Jasmine talk about their plans for the money and team up. In the end it is Jasmine who is eliminated when Sugar pushes a tree on her.


Voice Actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Zachary Bennet Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar


  • The title of this episode used to be Break Back Mountain but it has been changed for unknown reasons, most likely due to the resemblance to the film "Broke Back Mountain", which contains adult themes.